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Office In Weyburn sk PassportCanada

Service Canada Centre
2nd Floor
110 Souris Avenue
Weyburn SK.

Hours of service Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:15 pm

Service Area Avonlea, Beaubier, Bengough, Benson, Big Beaver, Bryant, Candiac, Carlyle, Ceylon, Colfax, Colgate, Corning, Creelman, Dummer, Fillmore, Forget, Francis, Gladmar, Glasnevin, Glenavon, Griffin, Halbrite, Hardy, Heward, Indian Head, Kayville, Kendal, Khedive, Lajord, Lake Alma, Lampman, Lang, Lewvan, Macoun, Maryfield, Mctaggart, Midale, Milestone, Minton, Montmartre, Ocean Man, Odessa, Ogema, Osage, Oungre, Pangman, Parry, Radville, Riceton, Sedley, Stoughton, Tribune, Trossachs, Truax, Tyvan, Vibank, Viewfield, Weyburn, Wilcox, Windthorst, Wolseley, Woodley, Yellow Grass


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