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Office In Melfort sk PassportCanada

Service Canada Centre
104 McKendry Plaza
Melfort SK

Hours of service Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:15 pm

Peak hours: from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Service Area Annaheim, Arborfield, Archerwill, Aylsham, Beatty, Bjorkdale, Brancepeth, Brockington, Brooksby, Carrot River, Chelan, Choiceland, Codette, Crooked River, Crystal Springs, Cumberland, Domremy, Fairy Glen, Gronlid, Hagen, James Smith, Kinistin, Kinistino, Lac Vert, Love, Mckague, Melfort, Meskanaw, Middle Lake, Mistatim, Muenster, Naicam, Nut Mountain, Pathlow, Pleasantdale, Porcupine Plain, Prairie River, Ridgedale, Spalding, St Benedict, St Brieux, Star City, Sylvania, Tisdale, Tway, Valparaiso, Wakaw, Watson, Weldon, Yellow Creek, Yellow Quill, Zenon Park


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