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Renewal Requirements | How To Renew Your Passport In Canada

Is your Canadian passport up for renewal? Be prepared or you will be disappointed. Here is what you will need to renew your Canadian Passport:

All pages of the application form completed and signed.

2 photographs against a plain white background and with a neutral expression and a mouth closed (No smiles allowed) taken within last 12 months
- One of the photos should be certified and signed by your guarantor.
- The photographic paper must be of high quality with a matte, rather than a glossy, finish.

Go to an expert photographer who knows what he/she is doing. Faulty photos are a major reason for application rejections. Save time get your pics right.

Original proof of Canadian citizenship (no copies not even certified by lawyer or notary)

Any Canadian passport or travel document issued to you within the last Five years.

Documents to support identity which must be valid, must be issued by a federal, provincial, territorial or municipal authority in CAN, or local euivalent, and must include the bearer's name & signature.

The fee (of course the Govt wants your money).

Processing time can be 3 weeks from the date of submission of completed applications. So be prepared, apply in advance, just in case you make a mistake and it takes longer.

You can also renew your Canadian Passport by Simplified Passport Renewal Process.


  1. i want to know if i could get my old passport back with my new passport

  2. Yes, You can do that. Just have to let them know at the time of application.

  3. My husband renewed his passport and paid for the express service. The passport came to the passport office smudged and not readable and they would not issue it to him on Fri. We are flying to the U.S Tuesday! We spoke to a passport officer in Toronto today (Sunday) who said it would be $360 to process one today (ridiculous when it was the passport office's fault) With Monday being a holiday, will the passport office issue a new one within 24 hours if he goes in first thing Tues morning? We have lost all our money his plane tickets that he had to cancel today. Please help.....the office had no info for him on Fri afternoon

  4. I am a Canadian citizen and my passport is up for renewal in 3rd week of September of this year (2011). Currently I'm in India.. Is there a way to renew my passport from India or do i have to travel back to Canada to get my passport renewed? and if i do have to travel back how early should i leave India before the expiry date of my Canadian passport (i.e one month, 2 month etc.)?

  5. ahmad ashraf20:12

    I am Canadian born, and i do have a warrant for my arrest in Canada Alberta, could i renew my passport me being outside of Canada, or no?

  6. Anonymous12:52

    If my passport has expired, do I have to do anything different to renew it?

  7. Anonymous19:53

    What is a F3??? No notes on information?? My maiden name was not right.Why?? Spelled right. In the right squares. What was wrong???



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