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Office In Windsor Ontario PassportCanada

Passport Canada
CIBC Building
Suite 503
100 Ouellette Avenue
Windsor ON

Mon-Fri: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


  1. Anonymous09:07

    I would like to know if I can use my old passport to cross the border while the renewal one is in process? I need to cross the border everyday for work.


  2. WE just renewed ours two days ago and the old ones were invalidated on the spot. In fact, they have a machine that uses small spikes to punch right through the passport the phrase " VOID/NUL"
    I don't know why they do that. My driver's license does not get made null and void when I apply for a new one

  3. Further to my last comment, I would suggest that you query your local passport office to find out if there are temporary documents available or if there are exceptions to nullifying the passport if you still need one for work purposes.
    Hope that helps.

  4. Another point is that they returned our nullified passports to us while we were at the passport office. They will need to see your current passport to renew your passport. If you do it by mail, you have to send in your current passport with the paperwork and that takes about 20 business days while doing it in person apparently gets you your new passport in 10 business days. I say 'apparently' because this is the first time we have renewed our passports and we are only 2 business days since doing the paperwork

  5. Anonymous08:11

    is there a phone number to contact the passport place? not the 1-800 one as that one is just a bunch of recordings.

  6. Anonymous12:53

    I'm renewing my passport. Do I need to have someone sign my passport photo??? Thanks!!



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