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Office In Timmins Ontario PassportCanada

Service Canada Centre†
Suite 300
273 3rd Avenue
Timmins ON

Hours of service Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Service Area Ansonville, Attawapiskat, Blount, Brower, Brown Rigg, Clute, Cochrane, Connaught, Coral, Driftwood, Duck Lake Reserve, Dunning, Eades, Foleyet, Fort Albany, Foxville, Fraserdale, Frederickhouse, Galeton, Gardiner, Genier, Gogama, Holtyre, Horwood Lake, Hoyle, Hunta, Iroquois Falls, Iroquois Falls "M", Iroquois Falls A, Island Falls, Island Lake, Kapiskau, Kashechewan, Killoran, Kormak, Larocque, Maher, Matheson, Mcinnis, Mcintosh Springs, Monteith, Montrock, Moose Factory, Moose River, Moosonee, Nellie Lake, Night Hawk Lake, Noremberga, Onakawana, Opishing Lake, Otter Rapids, Palomar, Pamour, Peawanuck, Pineal Lake, Porcupine, Porquis Junction, Ramore, Ranoke, Relay, Renison, Schumacher, Shillington, South Porcupine, Sultan, Timmins, Tunis, Val Gagne


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