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This site may harm your computer. Google Error

Google is warning all sites on their search results page as "This site may harm your computer." warning. All sites including Google.ca Igoogle.com are market with that warning. When working correctly this feature is intended to warn you about the sites that have mallware or adware on them. When you "This site may harm your computer" warning and click on the site link it takes you to yet another warning page that gives you few options which does not include the option to go to the site you want to go to.

This site may harm your computer. there is not much on the news about this error. I just started to search. If I find a solution I'll post it here. Until to go to this site type the url direcly in the address bar of your browser. And Bookmark it. So you dont get the "This site may harm your computer." eorror again,


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