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Office In Woodstock New Brunswick PassportCanada

Service Canada Centre
Canada Post Building
680 Main Street
Woodstock NB

Hours of service Monday to Friday from 08:30 am to 4:30 pm

Service Area

Allandale, Barony, Becaguimec, Belleville, Benton, Canterbury, Central Waterville, Cloverdale, Debec, Dumfries, East Brighton, East Newbridge, Forest City, Fosterville, Grafton, Green Mountain, Hartin Settlement, Howland Ridge, Jacksonville, Kirkland, Lindsay, Lower Brighton, Mackenzie Corner, Maple Ridge, Maxwell, Meductic, Middle Southampton, Millville, Nackawic, Newburg, Nortondale, Pemberton Ridge, Pinder, Richmond Corner, Scott Siding, Skiff Lake, Somerville, Speerville, Temperance Vale, Temple, Upper Woodstock, Victoria Corner, Wakefield, Waterville, Watson Settlement, Woodstock, Woodstock First Nation


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