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Office In St. Anthony Newfoundland and Labrador PassportCanada

Service Canada Centre
Viking Mall
1 Goose Cove Road
St. Anthony NL

Hours of service Monday to Friday from 08:30 am to 4:00 pm

Service Area

Anchor Point, Bartletts Harbour, Beaver Cove, Bide Arm, Bird Cove, Black Duck Cove, Castors River, Conche, Cooks Harbour, Croque, Eddies Cove, Englee, Flowers Cove, Great Brehat, Green Island Brook, Green Island Cove, Lower Cove, Main Brook, Plum Point, Raleigh, Reefs Harbour, Roddickton, Sandy Cove, St Anthony East, St Juliens, St Lunaire-Griquet, St. Anthony


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