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Office In Medicine Hat Alberta PassportCanada

Service Canada Centre
Provincial Building
Suite 4
346 3rd Street South East
Medicine Hat AB

Hours of service Monday to Friday from 08:30 am to 4:00 pm

Service Area

Alderson, Bindloss, Bow Island, Bowell, Bulls Head, Burdett, Coleridge, Comrey, Dunmore, Elkwater, Etzikom, Eyeremore, Faith, Foremost, Granlea, Hilda, Irvine, Jay Dot, Kitsum, Lamour, Lathon, Legend, Lucky Strike, Maleb, Manyberries, Medicine Hat, Nemiskam, Onefour, Orion, Pakowski, Pashley, Pendant d'Oreille, Pivot, Ralston, Redcliff, Ronalane, Roseglen, Rosemary, Schuler, Seven Persons, Skiff, Steveville Park, Suffield, Thelma, Tilley, Vale, Veinerville, Walsh, Wild Horse, Winnifred, Witla


  1. Anonymous12:12

    The Service Canada Centre in Medicine Hat is now located 78 - 8 St NW as of November 1,2010.
    It is no longer in the Provincial Building.

    1. Anonymous15:48

      Thank you, too bad they didn't put it in the service area instead of driving all the way there and it was no where.



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