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Office In Grande Prairie Alberta PassportCanada

Service Canada Centre
Towne Centre Mall
Suite 100
9845 - 99 Avenue
Grande Prairie AB

Hours of service Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Service Areas

Assumption, Atikameg, Atmore, Baptiste Lake, Berwyn, Blueberry Mountain, Bluesky, Boyer, Brownvale, Brule, Buffalo Head Prairie, Cadomin, Cadotte Lake, Calling Lake, Carcajou, Chateh, Cherry Point, Child Lake, Chinook Valley, Clear Hills, Clear Prairie, Cleardale, Colinton, Culp, Cynthia, Deadwood, Dixonville, Donatville, Donnelly, Driftpile, Dunvegan, Eaglesham, East Prairie Metis, Ellscott, Enilda, Eureka River, Fairview, Falher, Faust, Fort Vermilion, Fox Creek, Fox Lake, Friedenstal, Gage, Garden Creek, Gift Lake, Girouxville, Grande Cache, Grande Prairie, Grassland, Grimshaw, Grouard, Guy, Habay, Harmon Valley, Hay Lake, High Level, High Prairie, Highland Park, Hines Creek, Hinton, Hotchkiss, Indian Cabins, Island Lake, Island Lake South, Jean Cote, John d'Or Prairie, Joussard, Kathleen, Keg River, La Crete, Little Buffalo, Little Smoky, Lone Pine, Luscar, Manning, Marie Reine, Mclennan, Mcleod Valley, Meander River, Meikle River, Nampa, New Fish Creek, Newbrook, Nojack, North Star, Notikewin, Paddle Prairie, Peace River, Peavine, Rainbow Lake, Reno, Robb, Rochester, Rocky Lane, South Baptiste, St Isidore, Steen River, Sunset House, Swan Hills, Tangent, Triangle, Twin Lakes, Valleyview, Warrensville, Watino, Wembley, West Baptiste, White Gull, Whitecourt, Whitefish Lake, Whitelaw, Worsley, Zama City

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  1. Anonymous19:04

    What about Woking? Gordondale? Grovedale? Demmit? Hythe? LeGlace? Debolt?



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