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Passport Canada Offices In Alberta


Passport Canada
Suite 254
Harry Hays Building
220-4th Avenue South East
Calgary, AB
Mon-Fri: 8:30 - 16:30

Passport Canada (English Only)
14331 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary (South), AB
Mon-Fri: 8:30 - 16:30

Passport pickup service is not provided at the Calgary South office. All passports will be mailed to the applicant. For those applicants wishing to pick-up their passport or who require urgent or express service the Calgary office downtown located at 220-4th Avenue South East can accommodate your needs.

Passport Canada
Suite 126
Canada Place Building
9700 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB
Mon-Fri: 8:00 - 16:15

Service Canada Center
Suite 120
Meadowlark Shopping Centre
15710-87th Avenue North West
Edmonton, AB

Service Canada Center
Argyll Centre
6325 Gateway Boulevard
Edmonton, AB

Service Canada Center
Suite 2000
Northgate Centre
9499-137 Avenue N.W.
Edmonton, AB

Service Canada Center
Provincial Building, Main Floor
9915 Franklin Avenue
Fort McMurray, AB


  1. Anonymous20:43

    I just wanted to note that the business hours for the Calgary Passport locations do not match the ones on passport canada:

  2. Anonymous14:47

    For driving directions to the SW MacLeod office do not search for direction from Mapquest because it tells you to turn left at 50th Ave which is incorrect. You need to drive further to 146 AVE SE.

  3. Anonymous13:08

    To travel to the U.S. do we need to take our birth certificates as well as our passports?

  4. Anonymous18:27

    You don't need birth certificate if you have Canadian Passport.

  5. Anonymous20:08

    How long will it take to get your passport? Are you able to put a rush on it?

  6. Anonymous13:18

    I just got married. As I am changing my name to my husbands, do I have to do a legal name change or can I just assume his last name and have a legitimate passport with his last name on it?

  7. Anonymous12:34

    So if the hours on the site are wrong how does one find out what the Calgary office hours are -- at both locations ?

  8. Anonymous12:53

    WTF is the ph number for the Harry Hays bldg?
    I don't want to DRIVE all the way there just to find out my passport isn't here when hey said it would be!

  9. Anonymous18:18

    you should have a marrige certificate with your new name (your husbands) and you can use that and a current photo id to get a new passport

  10. Anonymous17:22

    I recently misplaced my passport and am to leave to Pheonix (U.S) from Edmonton (Canada)on November 26. What are my options? Do I need a passport or is birth certificate and my licence, health care, sin card enough? or will I have to get another passport?....if so, will it be sent in time if I drive to Calgary to pick it up? PLEASE HELP!

  11. Anonymous21:58

    You can get the Passport within 48 hrs if yu pay the extra $$$..

  12. Carol-Ann22:44

    Thanks for the tip on the south location. It is just the info I needed....

  13. Anonymous08:20

    There used to be paid parking opposite the Harry Hay's building....is that still there. I need to apply for my passport and don't want to go around looking for a parking.

  14. Anonymous14:23

    I have a friend who lives in Alberta and she is currently working on getting her passport. How long will it take her to get it. Is it possible for her to fly to ontario for christmas. Will she make it here in time??

  15. Anonymous23:22

    Yes, the parking is still there on the east side of the building.

    Yes, your friend will make it to Ontario for Christmas. If she lives in AB, she does NOT need a passport to fly within Canada.

  16. Anonymous12:42

    Passport was expired and lost. Will there be issues getting a new one? What is the cost of getting a new one fast tracked and how fast can you get it?

  17. Anonymous08:39

    Would you please say if the passport still valid but there is no any free page there if there any possibilities to transfer valid visas (or pages with visas) to a new passport or any other way out? Thank you in advance

  18. Anonymous20:39

    A female friend who has never had a passport is getting married and planning a honeymoon. Must she first get a passport in her maiden name and will she be allowed to use that on her honeymoon after she is married? She won't be able to get a name change for her other I.D. in time for the honeymoon.

  19. Anonymous12:12

    i need to apply passport for my infant aside from birth certificate what other documents needed? Thanks

  20. Anonymous11:35

    I need some help. My daughter 19 years old is in the United States at school. she sent in her passport to passport canada in September, it expires on October 16th. The office has tried to call her and she has returned the call numerous times, but they have not connected. I have left my name to try and connect them as well. I need to talk to someone to get this figured out, I have the file number but I need to know what the issues are so she can get it rectified right away.

  21. Anonymous15:04

    I am in the process of renewing my passport and with respect to My mother's maiden name, my mother has been deceased for over 30 years and the only living relative on her side was in the army and had the spelling of their last name changed. How do I find out exactly how her name was spelled so that I can renew my passport? I am desperate.

  22. Anonymous07:54

    So if the hours are not right what are the hours om Mcleod trail location as I just started a new job and can`t get time off

  23. Anonymous10:31

    seriously wtf is the number for harry hays

    1. Anonymous20:34

      It is #1-800-567-6868.

  24. Anonymous17:18

    Can my spouse pick up my passport for me?

  25. Will Harry Hayes Passport Service Center receive my passport renewal in person, currently? Further, is an appointment required to simply drop it off?



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