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Canadian Passport Application

Passport Canada is experiencing a sharp volume increase in passport applications in all of its offices, by mail and through its receiving agents. Due to this increase in volume, it may take up to 45 business days (9 weeks) before you receive your new passport. Long application processing times are expected to continue due to passport requirement by the united states. To avoid further delays in getting your passport, make sure your application is complete.

At any Service Location excluding the US

You should submit your application in person. If this is not possible, the application may be submitted by a third party provided they:

* Show identification,
* Are 16 years of age or older,
* Are either your:
o Parent,
o Child,
o Parent's spouse or common-law partner,
o Child's spouse or common-law partner,
o Spouse or common-law partner,
o Spouse or common-law partner's:
+ Parent,
+ Parent's spouse or common-law partner,
+ Child, or
+ Child's spouse or common-law partner.

The above third parties MUST provide a written statement signed by you authorizing them to submit your application, OR their identification must confirm that they reside with you.

Any relative residing at your address can also submit an application on your behalf provided that they:

* Are 16 years of age or older, and
* Show identification confirming their place of residence. If the identification shown does not contain an address, further documentation to establish the address will be required.

It is MANDATORY that applicants requesting urgent or express service apply in person. Applications submitted by a third party will not be accepted for urgent or express service.

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  1. I have applied and submitted my application with a birth certificate yet it was returned because it was not signed accordingly...but they did not send me back the original birth certificate....what can i do to continue my application?



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